Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Cpl. Steven Schultz, Retired

U.S. Marine Corporal Steven Schulz grew up playing baseball, football, piano and was a Boy Scout.
After 9/11, Steven entered the Marine Corp because he wanted to make a difference. He did two tours of duty in Iraq and on April 19, 2005, he was hit by an IED, leaving him with a severe traumatic brain injury. His parents immediately rushed to his side...and his mother, Debbie, quit teaching to stay by his side night and day.
This was particularly difficult for the Schulz family who had two children still at home and it was a team effort to support Steven’s recovery. Elaine (18) and Clay (15) both accepted that Mom and Dad would miss the majority of their high school activities...and did so without complaint.
The financial strain of caring for Steven full time, changing his bandages, reading to him, trying to stimulate his brain took its toll on the Schulz family. They were forced to rely on family and friends to help with finances.

This very brave young man now stood a fighting chance for recovery because of all the sacrifices his family made for him. Steven first came home in a wheelchair, barely able to communicate at all. After a year of rehab, he finally took his first step. The support his family gave encouragement to him to keep fighting for each step of progress.
Today, Steven is able to communicate, though clearly still having difficulty with basic care. “My dream is to work, find a wife, and have kids - like a normal person,” said Steven.
I visited Steven today, 22 January 2009. He is a typical Marine, talking about his buddies in his unit.
What Steven does not have are buddies here in the Friendswood Texas area, from the internet, from around the world! His business card at the head of this letter has his phone and email, please drop him a line or call him.
Once a Marine, always a Marine! Marines DO take care of their own!

OFS Staff Note:
This was sent to be by my friend Robert Hiles,
Contact Gunny if you would like to contact Steven -

A note received from Gunny today-
I spoke to Stevens mother a short time ago regarding what he would like in a care package as several have asked about (Valentine Cards) as well as-

· Marine Corps books or magazines, preferably LARGE type font, he’s blind in one eye and has vision problems in the other.
· Automobile magazines or books.
· Joke books or funny and amusing literature.

I have some Marine Corps memorabilia getting dusty on my shelves I will take over, we live maybe 5 miles apart.

Phone calls, emails, cards, anything to help occupy his time. But most of all, friends, buddies.

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