Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Call for Action- Urgent

Dear Military Families United Member and Supporter,President Obama announced this week that he is considering a plan to make our veterans pay for treatment of injuries they received while serving this country. For the first time, President Obama’s plan to charge veterans through their private insurance for service-related treatments will expose wounded veterans to co-pays and deductibles for care of their war wounds. A policy like this would amount to a betrayal to our troops.
We Can Not Allow This To Happen
Military Families United, the nation’s leading military family advocacy organization, has joined America’s veterans organizations in adamantly opposing this fundamentally flawed change in policy. Obama’s plan will drive up premiums for veterans, make it more difficult for veterans to find and maintain health insurance, and hurt employment opportunities for disabled veterans.
The Veterans Administration has a responsibility to care for our current and future veterans. This plan falls drastically short of the support that our veterans deserve.
Today, we ask you to help us fight this apparent abdication of the Obama Administration’s responsibility to our veterans. We ask that you:
Send an email to President Obama letting him know that you will not tolerate forcing our veterans to pay for injuries they received protecting this country
Forward this email to 3 friends
Our veterans are our nation’s heroes. They answered the call when our country needed them most. They served their country with pride, with honor, and with courage. For their sacrifice and their service we owe our veterans a debt of gratitude. As the thousands of troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan, they deserve to have the full support and resources of the Veterans Administration.
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