Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shame of Mr. Tom Curley of the AP

Good day Gold Star Families, I was contacted today from the Gold Star Mothers in Houston with a disturbing report that has taken place here recently. It involves a photograph taken by a journalist of a young Marine, LCpl Joshua Bernard from Portland, ME who was hit by a rocket. The picture is quite graphic & disturbing. Sadly, this young-dedicated Marine lost his life. LCpl Bernard's father asked that this picture not be published. The president of the Assoiciated Press, Mr. Tom Curley ran the photo any way. This picture was published in many national & international papers. The article accompanying the picture of course defends the reason for publishing such a graphic picture. I personally can not sit by quietly without posting my own dismay at such disrespect. If you would like to submit your own feelings, please do so by posting to God's blessings to you all & remember, Freedom is not free! It comes at a very high price. It should never be taken for granted. Hugs to you all, KIM
Kimberly Rairdan

Our email-
Mr. Tom Curley
Your organization recently published a photo of LCpl. Joshua Bernard who was hit by a rocket while serving our nation in Afghanistan. I understand that this Marines father had requested that the photo not be published. Your organization ignored this request.

This is one of the more despicable acts of total disregard of a fallen Marines parents wishes and disrespect of a fine Americans supreme sacrifice for his country.

As a parents of a fallen soldier we have long harbored disgust and contempt for the press. Your method to attract readership has failed and I will do all I can to bring your organizations lack of morality and decency into public view.

Shame on you Mr. Curley.

JC and Pam Colnot
Gold Star Parents and Co_Founders