Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama To Release Terrorist Into The U.S., Violating U.S. Law

Received this in our email, wanted all Gold Star Families and Friends to read- JC

Dear Military Families United Member and Supporter,
First, President Obama announced that he was closing Guantanamo Bay to fulfill two campaign promises without a plan on the future of the detainees. Then came the release of Binyam Mohammed, a terrorist who admitted to training at various al-Qaeda camps and has alleged to have plotted multiple attacks on American soil. After that came the announcement of two more GITMO releases, both of whom trained at al-Qaeda camps and met with Osama bin Laden. Today, Military Families United has learned that as many as seven GITMO detainees will be freed in the United States, which not only endangers the lives of American citizens but is a violation of U.S. law.
The seven terrorists, known as “Uighurs,” were captured on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and were trained at the al-Qaeda affiliated East Turkistan Islamic Movement (“ETIM”) Tora Bora camp. Many of you may recognize the name Tora Bora because in December of 2001, U.S. and Afghan forces were closing in on the location of Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora, Afghanistan. Not so coincidentally the Uighurs were captured in the area around Tora Bora while Osama bin Laden was using an escape route from that region. And now these terrorists will be freed in the United States, no trial, no detention, no justice.
The release of these terrorists will not only endanger American citizens on our own soil but is against U.S. Law. U.S. law (8 U.S.C. 12 § 1182) which plainly states that any alien who had engaged in various forms of terrorist activity or training cannot be permitted into the United States. However, the Administration appears more concerned with the safety of these detainees than that of the American people and what our laws say.
We need your help to keep terrorists out of our country. If you haven’t signed our petition at, please do so today. Also, please send this email to 5 of your friends and family members to let them know about these newest developments.
Our brave men and women in uniform fought to capture these terrorists, only to be released onto US soil. We used to “fight them there, so we didn’t have to fight them here.” What kind of a message does it send our troops that while they are putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are chartering planes for those who they have captured to live in the very communities our military families live.
We need your help to let America know about the dangers of freeing suspected terrorists. We cannot allow our country be put in danger. Quotes from this morning’s papers:
“The Obama administration is preparing to free into the United States Chinese Muslims being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the first release of any of the detainees into this country, according to current and former U.S. officials.” – Chicago Tribune
“Officials have not said where in the United States they (Uighurs) might live. But many Uighur immigrants from China live in Washington's Virginia suburbs, and advocates have urged that the detainees be resettled near people who speak their language and are familiar with their customs.” – Los Angeles Times PS- We know the media won't cover this story fairly. We are depending on you - and your ability to "spread the truth". Please continue to help us by forwarding this email to your friends and family and ask them to sign our petition. One person can make a huge difference. Please click on the link - and help us defend our country.

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