Thursday, July 16, 2009


ACTION ALERT: ACLU Fights To Allow Protestors At Military Funerals

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, my Michael gave his life in Iraq in 2005. The burial of my son was the hardest experience of my life and it is one that I know many of you have experienced with the death of your own son, daughter, husband or wife. I was fortunate that at Michael’s funeral there were no protestors. Many cities, states and even the federal government have protected the privacy of grieving families by creating a protective corridor around the funeral ceremonies and the families. Citizens are allowed to express their rights of free speech outside the corridor while the families are laying their loved one to rest. One such city that has protected the rights of grieving families is Maplewood , Missouri . Today, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) joined a lawsuit to sue Maplewood for regulating the funeral protests of our fallen Heroes.
My Michael fought and died for the rights of every American, the same rights that the ACLU now seeks to exploit. The ACLU will stop at nothing to drive an agenda that disrespects and degrades the service and sacrifice of our fallen Heroes and their families. Although these protestors have the right to protest and speak, freedom of speech cannot come at the cost of inflicting irreversible and irreparable harm on these families who have suffered so much. Every American should recognize just how wrong and hurtful these protests are for grieving families.
The current law banning the military protests clearly falls into the Constitution’s time, place, and manner restrictions on free speech. These protests are not only disrespectful to the service and sacrifice of our military, they pour salt into an open wound for those left behind. Our courageous men and women deserve more than to have their families' privacy disregarded and the honor of our fallen Heroes degraded for the sake of the ACLU's agenda.
ACLU needs to hear from us, real Americans who care about our troops and their families. We ask you today to call the ACLU and let them know that their disrespect for our troops and their families will not be tolerated.
To call the ACLU’s Headquarters call (212) 607-3300To find your local ACLU affiliate in your state click here
We appreciate all that you do for Families United and need your help to stop organizations that seek to dishonor our troops and their families.Sincerely,Merrilee Carlson, Chair - Shrek's Mom Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission

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